Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
Gas Boosters
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading gas boosters manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized gas boosters from our factory.Applications: IVS versatile gas booster systemcan be used as:Power source of air-operated tools;Re-pressurization of workshop air;To fill high pressure gases into the reactor, gas cylinders;Pressure test on valves, piping, end fittings and pressure vessels, etc;Re-charging of all bottled gases;Petrochemical and gas pressurization:?Freon recovery, gas-assisted plastic foam?equipment, supercritical fluid extraction, gas injection for gas fields;Airbag filling, hot isostatic press, aircraft tires and accumulator?N2?recharging;Suitable for the leakage?test for such as radiator, condenser, compressor housing, heat exchanger, etc.Technical Data:Pressure?range: 0~ 210 MPa;Medium: air, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, oxygen (special gases, please contact the factory);Drive?mode: electric /air operated;Features and Benefits:Compact design and convenient shift, easy operation and simple maintenance.Stainless steel and robust frame or cabinet can be provided. ?Air-operated gas booster with special isolated packing makes no contamination to mediums?(components cleanliness level: ASTM G93).Gas booster system adopts the technique of solder less connection and taper seal.International standard thread connections allow repeated and easy assemble and disassemble.Non-lubricated and oil free design; no spark and explosion-proof.Wide range of high pressure output from2Mpa to 210Mpa, freely?adjustable.All high pressure tubing, valves and pump are made of stainless steel.