Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
Gas Lift Valves Test System
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading gas lift valves test system manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized gas lift valves test system from our factory.Standards:SY/T 6400SY/T 6450SY/T 6401Applications:Gas Lift Valves Test System is designed for carrying out the functions of gas filling, calibrating, pressure testing and performance testing on gas lift valves. Not only can ensure the safe and efficient downhole operation, but help to improve and develop gas lift tools through providing comprehensive test data.Technical Data:Gas Filling Unit:Gas medium: N2Gas filling: 0~20MPaPressure measuring accuracy: ?0.1% F.SPressure control precision: ?0.5% F.S *(or on request)Calibrating Unit:Test medium: N2Test pressure: 0~25MPaPressure measuring accuracy: ?0.05% F.SPressure control precision: ?0.1% F.S *(or on request)Temperature range: Room Temp.~ 150℃?*(or on request)?Pressure Testing Unit:Test medium: WaterTest pressure: 0~70MPaPressure measuring accuracy: ?0.1% F.SPressure control precision: ?1% F.S *(or on request)Test pieces: 20pcs at one timeProbe Detecting UnitTest pressure: 35MPaPressure measuring: measuring range: 0~35MPa, accuracy: 0.1%;Position measuring of valve rod: automatic control via servo motorMicro-distance measuring: measurement range: 0~10mm, tolerance: ?0.127mmPressure control: proportional controlDynamic Performance Test:Test medium: N2Test pressure: Max. 15MPaPressure measuring: measurement range: 0~15MPa, tolerance: 0.5%Flow rate measuring: measurement range: 0~50000Nm3/d, tolerance: 1.5%Features and Benefits:Comprehensive performance testing:?to simulate the working status of downhole operations of gas lift valves; and improve valve?s design accuracy via providing reference data.Capable of carrying out both flow coefficient testing and dynamic performance testing.Automatic test & calibrating controlled by PC+PLC. Manual operation?is on standby (pushbuttons).High speed data acquisition support real-time display of pressure-time?curves, etc.?Test results saved automatically and allowed to print out for a further analysis.Comprehensive?monitoring to being tested specimen?and whole testing process can be recorded in DVR.All key materials like gas boosters, high pressure valves, tubing and fittings are made in USA.Outstanding?electrical components & data acquisition?system guarantee reliable and authentic?testing results.