Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
High Pressure Check Valves
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading high pressure check valves manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized high pressure check valves from our factory.Ultra High Pressure Check Valves up to 60,000 PSI (414 Mpa)High pressure check valve - also named clack valve, non-return valve or one-way valve-allows high pressure liquid or gas to flow through it in only one direction.High Pressure Check valves are used in many fluid systems such as those in chemical and power plants, and in many other industrial processes when multiple liquids or gases are mixed into one liquid/gas stream. A check valve is installed on each of the individual liquid/gas streams to prevent mixing of the liquids/gases in the original source. For example, if a fuel and an oxidizer are to be mixed, then check valves will normally be used on both the fuel and oxidizer sources to ensure that the original gas cylinders remain pure and therefore nonflammable.FEATURES & BENEFITSPrevents reverse flow where leak-tight shutoff is requiredTwo styles of high pressure check valves to fit most applications:Ball Seat Poppet Check Valve - Metal-to-metal seat for rapid cycling or severe environmentsSoft Seat Poppet Check Valve - O-ring seat for fast shut-off and reliable seal; standard material is Nitrile. A variety of seal materials are available for even the harshest media.SPECIFICATIONSWorking Pressure:Up to 60,000 PSI (4140 bar)Temperature Ratings:Ball Seat Poppet ? -420? to 1200?F(-251? to 648?C)Soft Seat Poppet ? -65? to 250?F(-54? to 121?C) (with standard Nitrile seal)Nominal Cracking Pressure:15 PSI (1 bar)Optional cracking pressures up to 100 PSI(7 bar)End Connections:Female NPT?H/P Cone & ThreadTYPICAL APPLICATIONSGasLiquidFluid handling for the chemical/petrochemical, research, and oil and gas industriesTYPICAL MATERIALS316 Stainless SteelOther materials available on request ORDERING ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE CHECK VALVESCheck Valve Working PressureCheck Valve ConnectionUltra High Pressure Check Valve ModelBall PoppetO-ring PoppetDual Seal15000 PSI (103MPa)1/8" NPT15BCNFA15SCNFA15DCNFA1/4" NPT15BCNFB15SCNFB15DCNFB3/8" NPT15BCNFC15SCNFC15DCNFC1/2" NPT15BCNFD15SCNFD15DCNFD10000 PSI (69MPa)3/4" NPT10BCNFF10SCNFF10DCNFF1" NPT10BCNFH10SCNFH10DCNFH20000 PSI (138MPa)1/4" UNF20BCMF420SCMF4-----------3/8" UNF20BCMF620SCMF6-----------9/16" UNF20BCMF920SCMF9-----------3/4" UNF20BCMF1220SCMF12-----------1" UNF20BCMF1620SCMF16-----------60000 PSI (414MPa)1/4" UNF60BCHF460SCHF4-----------3/8" UNF60BCHF660SCHF6-----------9/16" UNF60BCHF960SCHF9-----------