Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
High Pressure Electric Pumps
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading high pressure electric pumps manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized high pressure electric pumps from our factory.High Pressure Electric Pumps up to 58000 PSI (400 Mpa)IVS' Ultra-high Pressure and High Pressure Electric Pumps can be used for pressure test and burst test of virtually all kinds of pressure containers, boilers, pipes and valves etc. They can also be used as power driver for high pressure liquid and water jet. IVS' Electric Pump offers many benefits such as high operating pressure, stable performance, and small pressure variation. It can be operated remotely by optional remote operated relief valve. Various series of electric pumps are available featuring ultra-high pressure, high flow volume or both: ORDERING HIGH PRESSURE ELECTRIC PUMPS ? ? ?High Pressure Electric Pump SeriesHigh Pressure Electric Pump ModelHigh Pressure Electric Pump Flow ? ? ?(ltr/hr)Electric Pump Output PressureMPa (psi)Speed(/min)Pump Power (Kw)High Pressure Electric Pump Dimension (mm)Pump Weight(kg)EP4EP100-480100 (15000 psi)22541450 x 780 x 880180EP125-464125 (18000 psi)EP160-450160 (20000 psi)EP200-436200 (30000 psi)EP15EP200-15230200 (30000 psi)108151800 x105 x 880900EP250-15180250 (36000 psi)EP300-15140300 (40000 psi)88EP400-15105400 (60000 psi)EP5.5EP100-5.5122100 (15000 psi)1505.51690 x 675 x 1000630EP125-5.584.7125 (18000 psi)EP160-5.568.7160 (20000 psi)EP200-5.554200 (30000 psi)EP3DY2B3DY-7500/22750022 (3200 psi)375552100 x 1120 x 100015003DY-6000/28600028 (4000 psi)3DY-4500/35450035 (5000 psi)3DY-3300/35330035 (5000 psi)3DY-2300/70230070 (10000 psi)3DY-1800/90180090 (13000 psi)3DY-1500/1001500100 (14500 psi)3DY-1200/1401200140 (20000 psi)EP3DY3DY4000/10400010 (1500 psi)500151470 x 730 x 7605003DY3000/15300015 (2000 psi)3DY-2000/22200022 (3000 psi)3DY-1500/31.5150031.5 (4000 psi)3DY-1200/40120040 (5000 psi)3DY-900/5090050 (7000 psi)3DY-600/7060070 (10000 psi)3DY-500/8050080 (11000 psi)Note: Limited models listed. Please consult our Sales Representative for High Pressure Components if you don't see models that meet your requirement.