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Date: 11th May 2016
Safety Head And Rupture Disc
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading safety head and rupture disc manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized safety head and rupture disc from our factory.High Pressure Safety Heads up to 60,000 PSIThe male inlet design can be inserted directly into the tubing connections of valves and various fittings such as tees and crosses, or located in pressure vessels.Outlet connections are 3/8" pipe (NPT). This outlet may be connected to a suitable discharge line to vent pressure to a safe location in the event of bursting of the rupture disc. Torque required for sealing rupture discs will range from 40 to 90 foot pounds, depending upon pressure and media being used.Material of body and hold down nut is high tensile 316 stainless steel. Standard tubing glands and collars are provided unless otherwise specified.FEATURES & BENEFITSSafety head assemblies and rupture discs are available in two styles:The 1/4A style features a 1/4" blow-out diameter, an angular seat and can be ordered in pressures from 900 to 60,000 PSI (6.2 to 414MPa).The 1/2F style features a 1/2" blow-out diameter, a flat seat and can be ordered in pressures from 500 to 10,000 PSI (3.4 to 69MPa). This style also has a reversible hold-down ring which greatly reduces the possibility of premature disc failure associated with installation errors inherent in some designs.Note: Rupture discs are not included and must be ordered as a separate item. TYPICAL APPLICATIONSGasLiquidFluid handling for the chemical/petrochemical, research, and oil and gas industriesTYPICAL MATERIALS316 Stainless SteelOther materials available on request ORDERING SAFETY HEADS ? ? ??Safety Head - 1/4" ANGLED DISCPressureInput ConnectionOutput ConnectionSafety Head ModelRupture Discs (1/4"A)15000Psi (103MPa)1/8" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMA-AA1/4" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMB-AA3/8" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMC-AA1/2" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMD-AA10000 Psi (69MPa)3/4" NPT3/8" NPTF10SHNMF-AA1" NPT3/8" NPTF10SHNMH-AA20000 Psi(138MPa)1/4" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM4-AA3/8" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM6-AA9/16" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM9-AA3/4" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM12-AA1" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM16-AA60000 Psi(414MPa)1/4" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM4-AA3/8" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM6-AA9/16" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM9-AA?Safety Head - 1/2" FLAT DISCPressureInput ConnectionOutput ConnectionSafety Head ModelRupture Discs (1/2"F)15000 PSI (103MPa)1/8" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMA-FF1/4" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMB-FF3/8" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMC-FF1/2" NPT3/8" NPTF15SHNMD-FF10000 PSI (69MPa)3/4" NPT3/8" NPTF10SHNMF-FF1" NPT3/8" NPTF10SHNMH-FF20000 PSI (138MPa)1/4" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM4-FF3/8" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM6-FF9/16" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM9-FF3/4" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM12-FF1" UNF3/8" NPTF20SHMM16-FF60000 PSI (414MPa)1/4" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM4-FF3/8" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM6-FF9/16" UNF3/8" NPTF60SHMM9-FFHigh Pressure Rupture Discs?Rupture discs are available in a wide range of burst ratings. Factors such as corrosion, fatigue and temperature may affect the burst pressure of the disc and cause premature failure. This problem may sometimes be overcome by frequent replacement of the disc. All rupture discs rated over 500 PSI (3.4MPa) have a manufacturing tolerance of minus 3% under to plus 6% over the specified rupture pressure rating.ORDERING RUPTURE DISCS ? ? ?StyleA=1/4" AngledF=1/2" FlatMaterialAL=AluminumIN=InconelMO=MonelNI=NickelSI=SilverSS=316SSTI=TitaniumPressureList desired pressure at 72?F (21?C) in KSI.1?Standard Burst Pressures (in Psi at 21?C)1000 PSI3000 PSI5000 PSI7000 PSI9000 PSI11000 PSI17500 PSI25000 PSI37500 PSI55000 PSI1500 PSI3500 PSI5500 PSI7500 PSI9500 PSI11500 PSI18000 PSI27000 PSI40000 PSI60000 PSI2000 PSI4000 PSI6000 PSI8000 PSI10000 PSI12500 PSI20000 PSI30000 PSI45000 PSI65000 PSI2500 PSI4500 PSI6500 PSI8500 PSI10500 PSI15000 PSI22500 PSI35000 PSI50000 PSI?2?Standard Burst Pressures (in Mpa at 21?C)7 Mpa21 Mpa34 Mpa48 Mpa62 Mpa76 Mpa121 Mpa172 Mpa259 Mpa379 Mpa10 Mpa24 Mpa38 Mpa52 Mpa66 Mpa79 Mpa124 Mpa186 Mpa276 Mpa414 Mpa14 Mpa28 Mpa41 Mpa55 Mpa69 Mpa86 Mpa138 Mpa207 Mpa310 Mpa448 Mpa17 Mpa31 Mpa45 Mpa59 Mpa72 Mpa103 Mpa155 Mpa241 Mpa345 Mpa?Examples:An Inconel disc rated for 12,000 PSI in 1/4" Angled style would be ordered as RD12000-A-INAn Aluminum disc rated for 750 PSI in 1/2" Flat style would be ordered as RD750-F-AL