Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
Safety Relief Valve
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading safety relief valve manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized safety relief valve from our factory.Ultra High Pressure Relief Valve up to 30,000 PSIFEATURES & BENEFITSMax. Working Pressure: Up to 30,000 PSI (138MPa)Temperature Rating: -100 to 450?F (-73? to 232?C)End Connections: Tubing Cone & ThreadTYPICAL APPLICATIONSPressure gas systemsCryogenic systemsPetrochemical applicationsTYPICAL MATERIALS316 Stainless SteelOrdering High Pressure Relief Valves (Factory Set & Field Adjustable)Relief Valve Pressure RangeHigh Pressure Relief Valve ModelRelief Valve Input ConnectionRelief Valve Output ConectionRelief Valve Orifice In.(mm)10000 to 15000 PSI (69 to 103 MPA)15RVMF6NFF (10-15)3/8" UNF3/4" NPT0.188 (4.78)15000 to 20000 PSI (103 to 138 MPA)20RVMF6NFF (15-20)3/8" UNF3/4" NPT0.156 (4.02)1500 to 5000 PSI (10.3 to 34.5 MPA)5RVMF9NFF (1.5-5)9/16" UNF3/4" NPT0.312 (7.92)5000 to 10000 PSI (34.5 to 69 MPA)10RVMF9NFF (5-10)9/16" UNF3/4" NPT0.25 (6.35)10000 to 15000 PSI (69 to 103 MPA)15RVMF9NFF (10-15)9/16" UNF3/4" NPT0.188 (4.78)15000 to 20000 PSI (103 to 138 MPA)20RVMF9NFF (15-20)9/16" UNF3/4" NPT0.156 (4.02)20000 to 30000 PSI (138 to 207 MPA)30RVHF9NFD (20-30)9/16" UNF1/2" NPT0.125 (3.17)Ordering High Pressure Relief Valves (Field Adjustable)Relief Valve Pressure RangeRelief Valve ModelRelief Valve InputRelief Valve OutputRelief Valve Orifice Size(")CV1000 to 10000 PSI (6.9 to 69 MPA)IVS-10RV1/4" NPT1/4" NPT0.0700.1210000 to 20000 PSI (69 to 138 MPA)IVS-20RV9/16" UNF1/4" NPT0.0700.12Note: Although relief valves are capable of handling air, gases, steam, vapor and liquids, they are not recommended for steam boiler applications and are not ASME code stampible. Relief valves are designed to open proportionally to increasing back pressure and, therefore, are not recommended for applications requiring immediate full valve flow at set pressure (such as polymerizations, decompositions, etc.). Full flow of relief valve is defined at 10% over set pressure.Limited models listed. Please consult our Sales Representative for High Pressure Components if you don't see models that meet your requirement.