Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd

Date: 11th May 2016
Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co.,Ltd is one of the leading tubings manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized tubings from our factory.High Pressure Tubing and NipplesIVS High Pressure Tubing is made of 316L Stainless Steel. Available in a wide variety of sizes and grades to satisfy specific application needs, and highly resistant to corrosion, IVS high pressure tubing provides good resistance to organic acids at high concentrations and moderate temperatures, to inorganic acids (e.g. phosphoric and sulphuric) at moderate concentrations and temperatures, to salt solutions (e.g. sulphates, sulphides and sulphites), and in caustic environments. 316L tubing can be used in sulphuric acid concentrations even above 90% at low temperature.FEATURES & BENEFITSHigh resistance to corrosion. IVS 316L is also supplied with high molybdenum, minium 2.5%.Good weldabilityGood resistance to organic and inorganic acidsGood resistance to salt solutions, e.g. sulphates, sulphides and sulphitesGood resistance in caustic environmentsSPECIFICATIONS ? ? ?Max. Working Pressure:20,000 PSI (1030 bar) or ? ? ?60,000 PSI (4140 bar)Temperature Rating:-100? to 600?F (-73? to 315?C)TYPICAL APPLICATIONSIndustrial applications where types AISI 304 and 304L have insufficient corrosion resistanceHeat exchangersCondensersPipelinesCooling and heating coilsOffshore oil & gaschemical, petrochemicalpulp & paperfood industriesTYPICAL MATERIALS316L and 304 Stainless SteelOrdering High Pressure Tubing ? ? ?SizeTubing SizeTubing Working PressureMaterialHigh Pressure Tubing Model1/4"1/4" O.D. x 0.109" I.D.20000 PSI (138 Mpa)316SSTU4M20-316304SSTU4M20-3043/8"3/8" O.D. x 0.203" I.D.20000 PSI (138 Mpa)316SSTU6M20-316304SSTU6M20-3049/16"9/16" O.D. x0.312" I.D.20000 PSI (138 Mpa)316SSTU9M20-316304SSTU9M20-3043/4"3/4" O.D. x0.438" I.D.20000 PSI (138 Mpa)316SSTU12M20-316304SSTU12M20-3041"1" O.D. x0.562" I.D.20000 PSI (138 Mpa)304SSTU16M20-304316SSTU16M20-3161/8"1/8" O.D. x0.020" I.D.60000 PSI (414 Mpa)316SSTU2H60-3161/4"1/4" O.D. x0.083" I.D.60000 PSI (414 Mpa)316SSTU4H60-316304SSTU4H60-3043/8"3/8" O.D. x0.125" I.D.60000 PSI (414 Mpa)316SSTU6H60-316304SSTU6H60-3049/16"9/16" O.D. x 0.188" I.D.60000 PSI (414 Mpa)316SSTU9H60-316304SSTU9H60-304Ordering High Pressure Nipples??Working PressureConnectionHigh Pressure Nipple Standard Lengths (L)2.75"3.00"4.00"6.00"8.00"10.00"12.00"20,000 Psi (1380 Bar)1/4" M/P20LM4-2.7520LM4-320LM4-420LM4-620LM4-820LM4-1020LM4-1220,000 Psi (1380 Bar)3/8" M/P?20LM6-320LM6-420LM6-620LM6-820LM6-1020LM6-1220,000 Psi (1380 Bar)9/16" M/P??20LM9-420LM9-620LM9-820LM9-1020LM9-1220,000 Psi (1380 Bar)3/4" M/P???20LM12-620LM12-820LM12-1020LM12-1220,000 Psi (1380 Bar)1" M/P???20LM16-620LM16-820LM16-1020LM16-1240,000 Psi (2760 Bar)9/16" H/P??40HM9-440HM9-640HM9-840HM9-1040HM9-1260,000 Psi (4140 Bar)1/4" H/P60HM4-2.7560HM4-360HM4-460HM4-660HM4-860HM4-1060HM4-1260,000 Psi (4140 Bar)3/8" H/P?60HM6-360HM6-460HM6-660HM6-860HM6-1060HM6-1260,000 Psi (4140 Bar)9/16" H/P??60HM9-460HM9-660HM9-860HM9-1060HM9-12Note: Custom length available.